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Serenity pervades a Chinese garden of the Ming dynasty, for this is a place of retreat from the doings of humankind. It is where the scholar official could indulge his "longing for mountains and water" without turning his back on his unrelenting obligations to state and family.

Originally designed by Taoist poets, classical gardens were meant to create an atmosphere of tranquility for contemplation and inspiration. The Chinese calligraphic inscription above the entrance to the Garden means "Garden of Ease." There are four major elements in the Garden: water, rock, plants and architecture. The relationship of these four elements reflect the Taoist belief in Yin and Yang--opposites that must be in balance to create harmony.

Serenity is only the first of infinite layers that reveal themselves. The object of the garden is to capture all the elements of the natural landscape--mountains, rivers, lakes, trees, valleys, hills--and, by bringing them together in a small space, to concentrate the life force, the qi, that animates them.

The peace and tranquility inside a classical Chinese garden reflect the many symbols found within. It is a harmony of contrasts, of dark and light, solid and empty, hard and soft, straight and undulating, yin and yang. This place was created to be savoured over a lifetime. New meanings are found in the symbolic objects and plants; new pictures are seen as shadows play across the rocks. The Garden unfolds itself slowly.

Click here for a virtual experience of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden “A Scholar’s Garden”.

For more information on the Sen Classical Chinses Garden, please visit www.vancouverchinesegarden.com

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